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Both California law and federal law provide significant protection for workers. But these legal rights mean nothing unless you know what they are. California employers frequently violate labor laws to save money.

Some of the employer practices we have brought to an end, and recovered money for the affected employees, include:

Examples of Work Situations Involving Wage Claims:


Has your present employer, or any previous employer, in the past four (4) years ever:

Required you to work “off the clock” performing job tasks such as preparatory work at the beginning of the workday, finishing up work at the end of the workday, or work-related travel during the workday, without keeping track of, and paying you for, that time?

Not provided completely off-duty lunch breaks at least thirty (30 ) minutes long, either at work or away from your employer’s premises as you wish, which started no later than five (5) hours after you began working that morning?

Not provided a second lunch break on days you worked more than ten (10) hours?

Not allowed you to take one completely off-duty ten (10) minute rest break per every four (4) hours you work or major fraction thereof?

Not paid you overtime and double time, i.e. one and a half (1 ½) times your regular hourly rate of pay for hours worked over eight (8), and two (2) times your regular hourly rate for hours worked over twelve (12)?

Not kept track of your daily work hours by time sheet or clock, or paid you a salary instead of hourly based on the actual number of hours you worked, or paid all or part of your wages in cash?

Not reimbursed you for mileage, personal tools or equipment, cell phone use for business calls, or any other personal money or property of yours used for business purposes?

Any other questionable, improper or illegal employer practices? If so, please describe below:

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