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Milhaupt and Cohen is a civil law firm. The firm’s principals are Thomas J. Milhaupt and Melissa E. Cohen. Mr. Milhaupt graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in business administration. Ms. Cohen graduated with honors from the University of California at Davis with a degree in history. Both attorneys received their law degrees from the University of Southern California in 1986. Both are members of the Ventura County Bar Association. Ms. Cohen is rated “BV” by Martindale-Hubbell, the premier national attorney directory and rating service.

Both Ms. Cohen and Mr. Milhaupt emphasize providing timely and accurate advice, and obtaining cost-effective results, for their clients. Legal matters are stressful enough without having one’s time and money wasted through pursuit of an ill-advised course of action.


Our firm helps employees collect from their present and past employers for many all-too-common illegal practices such as:

  • Not providing legally compliant, duty–free meal and rest breaks
  • Not paying employees for time spent traveling to worksites, setup and preparatory work, required seminar or other event attendance, and other employment-related “off the clock” tasks
  • Not fully reimbursing employees for vehicle mileage or other job-related expenses
  • Not paying employees for overtime hours worked by giving them a fixed salary for all hours worked even if the hours exceed eight per day or forty per week (or as otherwise provided by the applicable Wage Order)
  • Not paying required minimum wage, prevailing wage, or statutory minimum wage applicable to certain computer software and related occupations

For information on some frequently asked questions, please see our Employment Law page.


Ms. Cohen practices primarily family law. She is knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of divorce, including support, custody, visitation, and property division. Ms. Cohen represents clients both inside and outside the courtroom, through negotiation and litigation. Ms. Cohen also participates in alternative methods of family law dispute resolution. Ms. Cohen also advises and assists clients regarding other family issues, including paternity proceedings, grandparents’ rights, adoption, guardianship and domestic violence matters.

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